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The Chapel Studios; The Premier Recording Studio in London.


"Steve's expertise during the recording process of my album has been invaluable and his creative input has made a positive difference. Moreover, his working methods always put the performers at the heart of the recording and this has enabled the musicians involved to give the very best of themselves. The quality of the Chapel Studio's equipment is outstanding. I have worked in many professional studios over the years but The Chapel Studios is, by far, my favourite and I suggest other musicians/recording artists place it at the top of their list for consideration."

Geoff Smith

"Having worked with Steve (Williams) on tour and in the studio, he is world class in everything he does. As a Producer, Musician and MD. Chapel Studios is second to none, surprisingly affordable, convenient and with a fantastic track record. Highly recommended."

PJ Phillips

"I have recorded quite a few of my songs at Chapel Studios and have always achieved professional great sounding tracks that never fail to disappoint. The atmosphere working with Steve in the studio is friendly and relaxed, and as a producer manages to get the best vocal sound through both the extensive equipment of the studio and his musical knowledge"

Stephanie Mavrommatis

"Chapel Studios has a spec list to die for. From the best SSL desk through all of the processing and microphones,even down to top guitar amps. I have made many productions with him for film and tv. The vibe there is so creative and relaxed that I sometimes go with nothing prepared and come out with killer sounding tracks. I can't recommend it highly enough."

Steve Byrd

"I have worked with Steve Williams for over 10 years and never once been disappointed. Whether working on demos or taking high profile clients along to record their vocals, Steve is exactly the same – Professional, Friendly and Relaxed. The studio itself is well equipped and suitable for the live tracking of bands or ensembles, doing overdubs or editing and programming. Chapel is by far the best studio Steve has built and well worth a visit."

Nathan Theodoulou

"The studio was second to none, with one of the best desks in the business, it meant we could get an analogue sound without sacrificing the convenience and speed of the digital domain. To go with the vast array of equipment was a great producer who was a calming presence throughout and kept us on the straight and narrow."

Sam Smith

"I do a lot of voice-over recording, and having been to nigh-on every studio around London, I keep coming back to The Chapel. Nowhere else competes in terms of the quality of recording, and the studio has a really relaxed, welcoming vibe. I love it!"

James McKlusky

"Steve was brilliant! He is an producer/engineer who knows how to use his top notch equipment inside and out. The location is easy to reach, secluded and the hospitality was excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to use Chapel Studios again."

Alex Bower

"Steve & his team have the expertise, & the equipment to produce recordings of the highest caliber. The Central London location is very easy to get to, just a short walk from Wimbledon Park station. With a welcoming vibe, & peaceful courtyard to reflect on what has been put together. The process is structured in a way that feels comfortable, & productive. The result, a professional recording that exceeds expectations."

Euan McWilliam

"Ive worked with at The Chapel a few times and have to say this studio has one of the best vibes of any ive been in! It has a great mix of modern and vintage equipment with an awesome desk and excellent monitoring with a top notch engineer and producer! Cant recommend it highly enough!"

Jo Ryner

"Great Studio! Steve was really helpful, Lovely Guy who Knows his equipment which leads to efficient professional production. we worked on a project involving Studios in Nashville Tennessee, Steve made it so easy utilizing his knowledge of Pro Tools, I ended up with Great Tracks recorded at CHAPEL with a Nashville sound, all thanks to Steve!!. Great Value for Money, peaceful surrounding, easy to get to, I will be recording again and I will be recording with Steve at Chapel!"

Liam Peters

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